Are you looking for a reliable, scalable and secure integration platform for your cloud and hybrid solutions? You might want to consider Azure Integration Services, with the help of a partner like Cepheo.


Azure Integration Services is a collection of services and tools from Microsoft that enable you to connect applications, data and devices across different environments. With Azure Integration Services, you can build, manage and monitor complex workflows, orchestrate data movement and expose and consume APIs.


Cepheo is a Nordic Microsoft partner that specializes in solutions and services that are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure ‒ including Azure Integration Services. We have a wealth of experience from both Scandinavian and international projects over the past many years. We can help you design, implement and operate your integration solutions using Azure Integration Services.


Five areas where Azure Integration Services can make a difference


If set up and maintained in the right way, Azure Integration Services can help you in five general areas, as described in the following sections:


Connecting your cloud and hybrid solutions 

Azure Integration Services offers a variety of services and tools, such as Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management, Event Grid and more. Each service and tool has its own strengths and weaknesses, and is suited for different integration scenarios.

You can use Azure Integration Services to connect your cloud and hybrid solutions, such as Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Platform and other Microsoft cloud offerings. You can also leverage Power Platform, which offers additional integration capabilities, through applications such as Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI.


Following the best practices and standards for your integration solutions

Sticking to the guiding principles provided in the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is highly recommended in order to maintain and develop your integration platform in a structured way.


These frameworks provide a comprehensive set of recommendations and best practices for designing, building and operating cloud solutions. You can use Azure Integration Services to ensure that your integration solutions are consistent, reliable and maintainable.


Deploying your integration solutions using infrastructure as code and DevOps pipelines

Azure Integration Services supports automation and streamlining of your deployment process using Bicep and DevOps pipelines. Bicep is a domain-specific language for deploying Azure resources by telling it what you want, not how to do it.

DevOps pipelines are workflows that enable continuous integration and continuous delivery. You can use these tools to deploy your integration solutions in a fast, efficient and repeatable way, following Microsoft best practices.


Operating and monitoring your integration solutions using alerts and monitoring 

Azure Integration Services provides features that enable you to collect and analyze metrics, logs and events from your integration solutions, and to receive notifications when something goes wrong. You can use these features to gain insights into your integration solutions, troubleshoot issues and optimize your integration solutions over time.


Securing your integration solutions using Microsoft Cybersecurity offerings 

Azure Integration Services integrates with Microsoft Cybersecurity offerings, which provide security capabilities, such as identity and access management, encryption, firewall, threat detection, and more. You can use these offerings to protect your integration solutions from cyber threats while remaining scalable and cost-efficient.


Get started with a trusted partner


As you can see, Azure Integration Services is a powerful and versatile integration platform that can help you grow and innovate your business. However, getting started with Azure Integration Services can be challenging, especially if you lack the experience and expertise in this area. That’s why you might want to consider working with a partner that can help you make the most of Azure Integration Services.


Cepheo can help you navigate the Azure Integration Services landscape and choose the best option for your needs. We follow the Microsoft best practices and standards, and we use our own Integration Delivery Model, which covers integration strategy, integration design patterns, and integration specifications. We can help you achieve your integration goals in a fast, efficient, and secure way.


If you are interested in learning more about Azure Integration Services and our services, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you.


By Morten Reeslev, Partner Technical Architect and Torben Mosgaard Philippsen, Integration Architect


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